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I have the talent of getting tired without doing nothing

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Extremely Important Korean words that you will use:


젠장 (jen-jang) : Shit, damn it
미친년 (mee-cheen-nyun) : Crazy bitch
걸레같은 년 (gul-leh-gat-eun-nyun) : Slut, whore
꺼저 (gguh-juh) : Get the hell out, fuck off
씨발 (shi-bal) : Fuck
병신 (byung-shin) : Dumbass, retard
엿먹어 (yut-mugguh) : Fuck you
미친놈 (mee-cheen-nom) : Crazy bastard
씹새끼 (shib-seh-ggi) : Piece of shit, bitch, fucker
지랄 (ji-ral) : Bullshit

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imagine your icon trying to be your parent for a week

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bucketzino: cake!

Ahhh sorry for the late reply :(((

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Send me an English word and I’ll translate it to my native language
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